Was founded in 1958 by Emile Beckers. In 2004, Kris Beckers succeeded his father and took over the company.

Throughout the years the fruit farm concentrated on growing, sorting, packing and selling apples and pears. 

Our chosen locations create an ideal climate for the production of high-quality fruit cultivation, and intensive fresh hard fruit.        

The company focusses on the prospective evolution of the sector.

Years ago, Beckers fruit farms was one of the first to grow JONAGOLD APPLES.



The fruit farm is active in both growing and trading hard fruit: from the early blossoms in the orchard to the delicious pear or apple in your supermarket

​As dedicated fruit growers, we are proud to sell and export our high-quality hard fruit. Our entire production process is dedicated to maintain and improve this high standard: from the best care given to the trees in our orchard until the sorting in our packaging-centre, and everything in between. 

In our packaging center we sort and pack our own fruit as well as the fruit of others who are responding to market demand

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